How Our Local Economy Affects You

Economic prosperity is important to us all here in the Greater Pensacola Region. Why? Because more jobs means more opportunities, which leads to better communities for our children and grandchildren. Since the Vision 2015 initiative began, the Greater Pensacola Chamber has helped to ensure the commitment of more than 2,700 jobs in our community and today, that work continues.

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We’re passionate about this stuff, but that’s not enough! We need to spread the word about why economic development is important to every man, woman and child who wants to live in a thriving Greater Pensacola.

Get Involved
Are you interested in having a member of the Chamber come talk to your professional association about the importance of a growing economy? Would you like materials to distribute or information to include in your newsletters? Just ask! We’re here to help. Drop us a line at (850) 438-4081 or send us an email at

Get “On the Radar”
To learn about our Certified Sites Initiative for Northwest Florida, please call Danita Andrews at (850) 438-4081. The Greater Pensacola Chamber is also accepting submissions for its FastTrack Property Database for Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. To find out more about how you can submit your building or site, please contact Adam Myers, Economic Development Coordinator, at, or call (850) 438-4081.

To view the Greater Pensacola Chamber’s five-year economic development strategy, click here.

For more information, please call the Chamber’s Department of Marketing & Communications at (850) 438-4081.


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