The Five-Year Plan
for Job Creation in the Pensacola Region

The Greater Pensacola Chamber’s Vision 2015 initiative is a job creation program focused on recruiting new businesses, helping local businesses expand and strengthening the partnerships between the military and the private sector in the Pensacola Region. Vision 2015 is the result of many months studying best practices and setting priorities. The initiative puts private business at the forefront of economic development in order to ensure implementation and accountability. The Vision 2015 program of work includes six strategies designated to stimulate the economy and help local business expand and grow.

With the implementation of Vision 2015, local businesses and individuals in the community will be presented with the opportunity to invest and support the Chamber’s motives and initiatives. By investing in the Vision 2015 initiative, businesses and local governments will see a measurable return on their invested dollars, while helping improve the economic outlook and quality of life for everyone in the Pensacola Region.

In this economy, job creation is at the heart of any successful economic development effort, and Vision 2015 is no different. By creating 3,000 new primary jobs in the region, this initiative will serve as the catalyst that stimulates existing business growth, improves the available workforce, and spearheads community improvements, all while strengthening the message of the Chamber and building upon the strong relationships that exist within the business community.

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