Domestic Partnerships

The City of Pensacola has a domestic partnership registry that extends such rights as legal decisions and hospital visitations to domestic partners – both gay and straight. This ordinance also extends to everyday needs, such as picking up a partner’s child from school or taking that child to a doctor’s appointment.

Within city limits, the rights and benefits of domestic partners include:

• Health care visitation
• Health care decisions
• Inclusion in notifications of family members
• Funeral and burial decisions
• Correctional facility visitation
• Pre-need guardian designation
• Participation in education

More than a dozen other cities and counties in Florida – covering roughly half of the state’s population – have provisions for domestic partnerships, but Pensacola is the first city west of the state’s capitol to approve this ordinance.

For the Domestic Partnership Registry Affidavit, click here or visit the City’s Document Center here.
For the name change form, click here or visit the City’s Document Center here.
For the change of address form, click here or visit the City’s Document Center here.


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