Quarterly Events

Chamber 101
Whether you are a new member or an existing member interested in getting involved, here is an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of your Chamber membership. This orientation is our way of making you aware of the many programs, services and networking opportunities available to you as a member of the Greater Pensacola Chamber. We invite you to this presentation on your Chamber membership benefits, maximizing your opportunity for business growth and gaining name recognition. To learn more about Chamber 101, please contact Larry Patterson, Membership Executive, or call (850) 438-4081.

Thought Leadership Series

Leadership matters. Leaders at the senior level strive to create a culture of engagement, while leaders on the front line need to motivate employees daily to drive results. Regardless of level, most leaders “think” they’re demonstrating the qualities of an effective leader, but the findings from a new study indicate otherwise. Our research found that:

Only 17% of employees are satisfied in their job.
… And 45% of employees are planning on leaving their job in the next 12 months.

Through a recent global employee study, Dale Carnegie identified; specific areas where leaders are falling short – we call these “leadership blind spots”. Join us for a business brief, as we identify the leadership attributes that are critical to organizational performance and find out what your leaders may be missing.

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