Program Benefits

Advantages of the Leadership Pensacola program are as diverse as the participants themselves and the organizations in which they represent.

Individual Benefits

  • Understanding of the issues, impacts and implications that affectNorthwest Floridanow and in the future.
  • Greater knowledge of the region, its history and its leaders.
  • Access to decision makers and business and community leaders.
  • A commitment to creating a better community.
  • An informed network of diverse colleagues for individual, business and community problem solving.
  • Increased leadership skills and enhanced awareness of personal leadership styles.

Employer Benefits

  • Increased employee leadership skills and knowledge of regional issues that can be used for greater organizational effectiveness.
  • Exposure to other community leaders who are committed toNorthwest Florida.
  • An opportunity to position a business as an organization that is committed to community quality of life issues and to position its decision makers as committed community leaders.
  • Networking opportunities that can help with business solutions.

Community Benefits

  • A pool of committed community leaders to serve as board members and volunteers.
  • A talented group of leaders who can be called upon for solutions to community issues.
  • Positive community change resulting from the class project.

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