History of Leadership Pensacola

The concept of the “born leader” is a myth. The ability to take charge is not enough to move a business, an organization or the community forward. Rather, a leader’s success depends upon developing qualities of leadership, combined with a broad awareness of key issues, which will make a positive impact on the future.

LeadershipPensacola was founded in the fall of 1982 with the first graduating class in 1983. The Greater Pensacola Chamber established the program with a goal of ensuring the community’s pool of talented leaders would be continually renewed.

They understood that the future health of any community is linked to committed, educated leadership which must be equipped to make vigorous, well-informed and responsible decisions.

To date more than 1,500 people have completed the Leadership Pensacola program and have acquired the skills, passion and connections to work effectively as community trustees. Whether serving on a board, filling an elected office, or mentoring a homeless teen, they are building a stronger Pensacola region for current and future generations.


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