An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Curriculum

Community education/leadership programs need to provide a picture of the whole community; of how the various parts fit together. A community is not about topics but rather, interrelations of issues. In creating an issue-based curriculum rather than topic-based, we incorporated the issues we currently face within our community and in turn, discovered potential solutions for the challenges we will face in the future. During the year, we will study the various issues facing our community and in turn, work to implement a vision for progress.

The following class days are a part of the Leadership Pensacola curriculum. To view the detailed curriculum, please Leadership Pensacola curriculum objectives.

  • Opening Retreat
  • Civics & Government Overview
  • Simulated Society Retreat
  • Regional Economics
  • Quality of Life
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Education & Healthcare
  • Military Day
  • Legislative Leadership Tallahassee Trip
  • Technology
  • Closing Retreat

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