Leadership Pensacola

Leadership Pensacola (LeaP), a program of the Pensacola Chamber Foundation, aims to develop community-minded leaders during its 10-month-long program. LeaP is designed to help participants acquire an understanding of the issues facing the Pensacola area and to gain the leadership skills necessary to resolve them. Candidates sought come from a cross-section of the community – men and women from different political, career, educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

LeaP was founded in the fall of 1982 with the first graduating class in 1983. The program was established with a goal of ensuring the community’s pool of talented leaders would be continually renewed. To date, more than 1,500 people have completed the Leadership Pensacola program – managed by the Pensacola Chamber Foundation – and have acquired the skills, passion and connections to work effectively as community trustees.

Participants accepted into LeaP are involved in a balanced combination of retreats, day-long seminars and community projects. The program is refined annually by a committed group of LeaP alumni. Area decision-makers offer their time and expertise while tours and interactive exercises are built into each day.

For more information, contact Caitlin Okrzesik or call (850) 438-4081.

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