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Todd Thomson, Vice President of Public Affairs, provides an update on local government, Legislative Session and issues that impact the local business community.

Triumph Gulf Coast

Last week, the Florida House of Representatives unanimously passed their version of the Triumph Gulf Coast bill.  Labeled as the “Gulf Coast Economic Corridor Act”, the House version calls for the first $300 million from the BP oil spill settlement to be distributed to Northwest Florida later this year.

A companion bill in the Senate will be heard in the Appropriations Committee on Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development on Tuesday.


Triumph Gulf Coast

Bills that will ensure that seventy-five percent of all monies from the BP oil spill settlement come to Northwest Florida continue to work their way through the Florida Legislature.  On Monday, the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee passed Senate Bill 364 sponsored by Senator George Gainer.

The House Select Committee on Triumph Gulf Coast will consider their committee bill on Thursday.  While there are still some differences between the bills, the two sides are moving closer to agreement on some key issues.

Following the Commerce and Tourism meeting, Senate President Joe Negron sent out the following press release:


Workers’ Compensation

This week, the Florida House subcommittee on Insurance and Banking today began taking initial steps toward fixing Florida’s workers’ compensation system.

While the bill is by no means perfect, PCB IBS 17-01 provides a starting point to build on efforts that will:

           Reduce workers’ comp rates,

           Decrease litigation, and

           Provide additional benefits for injured workers.

We will continue to keep you up to date on the latest legislative action on this important issue, and seeking your help in getting true workers’ compensation reform get passed this year.




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