Military Affairs Committee

NAS Pensacola

The Military Affairs Committee (MAC) develops, implements and maintains initiatives and programs whose purpose is to enhance positive interaction between the community and the area military commands and personnel. The MAC meets on the third Tuesday of each month, except December, and these meetings are open to Committee members only.

The Military Affairs Committee has subcommittees that include the Underage Drinking Task Force and the Command Sponsor Program. The Underage Drinking Task Force works to increase awareness and combat illegal alcohol distribution and use by underage men and women serving in the military and or living in the Pensacola Bay area. This task force meets the last Thursday of each month.

The Command Sponsor Program links local senior commanding officers with a civilian business leader in the Pensacola area to build community awareness and foster positive working relationship, on and off base. Activities include semi-annual socials and small group functions hosted by the civilian sponsors.

For more information, contact Debi Graham at (850) 384-5459.

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