Defense Infrastructure

The primary focus areas of our Infrastructure and assets model, which positively impact the NAS Pensacola Complex future base efficiencies, mission performance and overall relevance, are: Encroachment and Information Technology Infrastructure. Since the completion of the Joint Land Use Study, Escambia County now has a future road map, plan and policy initiatives to focus on encroachment by engaging in a cohesive partnership to manage growth in commercial and residential development around the NAS Pensacola Complex.

The Greater Pensacola Chamber is also leading the Lambda Rail Connectivity project to directly impact information technology infrastructure by connecting the NAS Pensacola Complex to the national and global high-speed network. This network connection will catapult the NAS Pensacola Complex well into the 21st century of the Information Age to become one of the most robust information technology capable military installations in the Department of Defense inventory.

For more information, contact Debi Graham at (850) 384-5459.

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